Symptoms to look out for with allergies.

Before I had my skin tests to determine what I was allergic every dayI would be sneezing, eyes itching and sore, mouth itching, constant runny nose with congestion, wheezing, coughing; doctors used to diagnose me with bronchitis; and vomiting because my body couldn’t cope with the food I was eating. It was my mum who sought a second opinion, a doctor had just read up on food allergies suggested I had the skin tests. After changing my diet the sneezing, wheezing, itchiness, coughing and vomiting stopped.

And the more recent reaction with eggs; my ears started itching which moved to the back of my mouth that went to my throat, and I started to feel like a panic attack was starting. I immediately took an antihistamine tablet and informed my GP. I now have to carry tablets with me all the time.

Read on for the symptoms to look out for.

There are a few different signs when someone is starting with an allergy.

Allergies to foods or ingredients may cause more widespread reactions.

Symptoms of an allergy range from unpleasant and inconvenient to life threatening.

Allergy symptoms can be categorised as mild, moderate, or severe.

Mild allergic reactions.

Mild allergic reactions can include:

  • Rash.
  • Itchy, watery eyes.
  • Congestion.

Mild reactions do not spread to other parts of the body.

Moderate allergic reactions.

Moderate reactions can include symptoms that spread to other parts of the body, including:


Difficulty in breathing.

Severe allergic reactions.

Anaphylaxis is a rare, life-threatening emergency in which the body’s response to the allergen is sudden and affects the whole body. It may begin with sudden itching of the eyes or face and within minutes progress to more serious symptoms, including:

Varying degrees of swellings that can make breathing and swallowing difficult.

Abdominal pains.




mental confusion or dizziness.


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