Uses for the humble lemon 7.

Natural Remedies.


Sore puffy eyes.

Using neat lemon juice on your eyes is not advisable, but adding a drop or two of juice to a cup of warm water will do you no harm, simply use the solution as you would a normal eye wash to sooth your eyes.

If your eyes a a bit puffy maybe from hay fever or late nights, try squeezing the juice of a lemon into a small bowl, add two slices of cucumber to the juice and let the slices sit in it for a minute or two, place the slices over your eyes and relax, this will not only get rid of puffy eyes, but will also help to reduce dark circles underneath the eyes.

Chapped Lips.

Chapped lips can sting and make you feel very miserable in the winter months. Place a small amount of Vaseline or glycerine onto a saucer and mix the juice of half a lemon, apply to your lips to heal & sooth.

Cold Sores.

Hands up who suffers from cold sores, (me too). Lemons have been used to deal with cold sores, simply cut a slice of lemon and place it directly onto the affected spot, it will sting but try to keep it there for as long as you can bear it, change the slice and reapply it. To help avoid cold sores from developing try to squeezing 4 lemons into a glass of water for a daily drink, this will give your body an extra boost that will prevent and treat cold sores.

Caution, only apply the lemon slice treatment at the beginning of a cold sore outbreak, do not use on open sores or broken skin.

Head Lice.

No one likes to find head lice in their children’s hair, here’s a way to deter them. Add two drops of lemon oil to your shampoo & two drops to the conditioner. The presence of the acidic lemon will help to deter the outbreak of a head lice infestation, or make life uncomfortable for them if they have already arrived.

Hands & Feet.

Dry Hands.

Do you suffer from dry hands especially in the winter? Simply squeeze the juice of a lemon into a bowl of warm water, dunk your hands into the soothing mixture, keep your hands immersed for 2-3 minutes, then dry them off and poor olive oil into the palm of your hand gently rub it in by massaging it into your hands.



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