Uses for the humble lemon 4.

Natural Insecticide.

A majority of insects really don’t like the smell of lemon juice, but you do need to be thorough in your application of lemon juice and peel, make sure you squeeze liberal amounts of juice on doorsteps & windowsills as well as any obvious cracks or gaps in the brick work where you think they might get through. Try placing strips of peel around your doorsteps.

Deter unwelcome House Guests.

If you have got insects in your house, i.e kitchen, perhaps in your cupboards, reach for the lemon again, the limonene is toxic to insects, wipe your surfaces or cupboards with either lemon oil/juice to get rid of them.

Unwanted house flies.

House flies carry lots of bacteria that they spread where ever they land, what’s worse than seeing them crawling round the kitchen surfaces, using lemon juice regularly on your worktops will keep them pesky flies at bay.

Unwanted closet moths.

Do you have/think you might have moths in your wardrobe and want to get rid of them, place a bag of dried lemon peel in the wardrobe.

Deter visiting cats.

Using lemon/orange peel in your garden is an effective cat repellent, grate & sprinkle liberal amounts of lemon/orange peel where those cats tend to to go in your garden & that should send them back home.

Train your own cats.

Are there parts of your home you want your cat/s to keep away from, mix some lemon juice in water, put in a spray bottle, spray it in the areas you don’t want them to go. You might have to do this regularly until they are trained.

Improve soil quality.

Who would like to make their own compost? If you make your own organic compost it will be much better for your garden soil than shop bought composts that contain chemicals, the secret to good quality soil is good quality compost, by adding citrus fruit to the compost can help improve soil quality enormously because it enriches the soil with nutrients, the lemon, orange or grapefruit will help to regulate the oxygen to the roots of the plants.


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