Uses for the humble lemon, 3

                                                                      Home & Garden.


Who uses clothes whitener in their washing? Me too.

Here’s a cheaper way to get your whites whiter:- By adding lemon juice to your normal wash cycle, how much you pop in the washing machine depends on the amount of white laundry you are hoping to whiten, for a complete bed set of whites use the juice of two lemons, for a couple of white tops squeeze in half a lemon.

For a failsafe way of removing stains or whitening clothes. soak them in a mixture of half lemon juice and half water before washing, if clothes are badly stained you might find it useful in addition to the pre-soak to add lemon juice to the washing machine too. Those stains will not survive these treatments.

Air freshener.

To freshen the air in the kitchen, particularly if you’ve been cooking fish or strong smelling foods, cut a lemon in half and immerse in a pan of water, bring to the boil and the aroma will fill the kitchen, let it simmer away for a number of hours, remember to keep the water topped up.

Freshen as you clean.

Pop a few drops of lemon oil onto a piece of kitchen paper and pop it into your vacuum bag or onto the filter area, what a great way freshen your house.

Another way to freshen a room is to place lemon juice onto a piece of kitchen paper, then coat a light bulb in the room of your choice, when the bulb warms up the lemon provides an aroma. (remember to do this when the light bulb is completely cold). 

Freshen Carpets & rugs.

This takes a little forethought, mix together 10 drops of lemon oil with an equal amount of one of your other favourite essential oils, add this mixture to 125 g/4 1/2 oz bicarbonate of soda (bicarb is great at neutralizing odours and the oils provide long-lasting sweet aromas, Leave the mixture overnight to ensure the bicarb has absorbed all of the oil and liberally sprinkle it over your carpets & rugs. Let it soak into the tufts of them for a while & then vacuum up the mixture.

Renew Hardened Paintbrushes.

Hands up who has left paint on paintbrushes & its hardened & you have no white spirits? Here’s a way to help remove that paint. Boil the juice of 1-2 lemons and pop your paintbrushes into it for around 15 minutes simmering away. Turn off the heat, remove the brush/es then wash it in hot soapy water. Bendy brushes again 🙂

Holiday Decorations.

Looking to make your own decorations using lemons of course. This does need a bit of advanced planning, it would make your tree unique. In about October put several lemons in a dark cupboard to dry out, making sure you check them from time to time. You could also start to gather pieces of ribbon & pretty, glittering items to stick onto the dried lemons before the holidays start. When your ready to decorate your tree, stick or pin your items into the lemons, stick a piece of ribbon onto each one to use for hanging & you’ll have unique tree decorations. (you could also use oranges in the same way).


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