Chocolate Cheesecake.

12 oz 340 g sweetmeal/digestive biscuits ground down until they resemble breadcrumbs. Half this amount if using smaller tin.

6 oz 170 g butter/margarine.

1 1/2 blocks plain chocolate broken up.

2 oz 75 g caster sugar.

1-2 oz 25-50 g icing sugar.

2 tubs soft soya plain cheese.

12 in flan tin with loose bottom.


1. Grease the flan tin.

2. Melt margarine in pan & add biscuits, stir till they come together, place in flan tin, press using back of wooden spoon until they are flat, place into the fridge.

3. 1/4 fill a medium-large pan with water, place plain chocolate in heat proof dish & place over the water stirring occasionally until chocolate has melted.

4. While chocolate is melting place the cheese in a mixing bowl, add caster sugar and mix together.

5. Add the melted chocolate to the cheese and stir together, add the icing sugar.

6. place small amounts of the cheese mixture onto the biscuit base and spread over. Place back into the fridge over night until set. Add grated chocolate on top for decoration.


In stead of using chocolate you could use lemons & rind, or the cheese plain mixed with sugar and add fruit of your choice on top.


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