Daily tips for the humble lemon.

Lemons are great to use around the house; from cleaning, laundry, health, cooking & beauty.


Cleaning & Laundry.


The humble lemon is organic, does not contain harsh chemicals & isn’t expensive, it is environmentally friendly & a perfect substitute for many household cleaning products; lemons are an incredible useful cleaning resource & can be used for a variety of different chores around the home, & the cost a fraction of the price & are better for your health.


All purpose cleaning solutions.


Lemons are great for removing the build up of limescale from around stainless steel sinks & draining boards, lemon peel is also great at keeping chrome taps from limescale, all you have to do is cut a lemon in half, rub it over the affected area, leave it to do its work for at least half an hour, then rince with cold water & buff with a dry cloth.




Do you want to kill of bacteria without having to clean off the residue left by most chemical cleaning products, why not use a lemon? The acids contained in lemon kill off the bacteria, which do not survive in an acidic environment. Lemon juice can disinfect most kitchen work tops, including chopping boards & sinks as well as bathroom sinks and surfaces, the juice kills the bacteria in a natural way & leaves a fresh fragrance.


Why not try adding a small amount of lemon juice to drinking water to ensure no bacteria are surviving there.




Pure lemon juice is a great way to get rid of grease build-up, you have to apply the juice liberally to the effected area and give it a little time to cut through the grease, but it does work, and you have the added bonus of the fresh smell of lemons. The limonene in the lemon’s essential oil is what removes the grease & this is also has an anti-bacterial properties.



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