Homemade Jam.

This is something I enjoy making in the Autumn, my own jam, something I did with my mum & I do with the children.

800 g 1 3/4 lb Blackberries, strawberries, plums (skin & stone removed), Raspberries.

1 kg Jam sugar.

Knob of butter. (This will stop a scum from forming on the top of the jam when it is in the jars).

6 apples (not cooking), peeled, cored & diced.

Glass Jars washed  with labels removed and placed on baking tray laying on their sides.

Oven at 160c, 240f, gas mark 3.

1. Wash & drain the fruit, place into a heavy large pan (jam pan), add apples if desired & sugar, place over a moderate heat to let the fruit break down gently, stir every couple of minutes to ensure the sugar has dissolved into the fruit. Add the knob of butter.

2. Leave over the moderate heat for 20-25 minutes for the fruit to soften.

3. Using a hand blender, blend the fruit still in the pan until it looks smooth. At this point if you like your jam with out any seeds in you can sieve it and discard the seeds.

4. Place the glass jars in the oven for 5 minutes, this will remove any bacteria left after washing, take out ready for your jam.

5. slowly start turning the heat up until it comes to a rolling boil, (the bubbles cannot be stirred down), keep stirring so that it does not burn for 4 minutes. Check the jam is ready to set, place a 1/4 of a tsp of jam mixture on to a small clean plate and slowly tilt, if jam moves very slowly/or forms a soft edge when pushed with finger (be careful not to touch when you have just taken it out or you will burn your finger), the jam is ready to place into the jars.

6. Poor/ladle the jam into the jars, place somewhere to cool (not in the fridge), place a circle of baking parchment on top of the jam, place the lids on and enjoy.

Store in a dark area.


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