Want to lose weight & become healthier?

Having been told by doctor that I am slightly over weight I have had to look at all of my daily habits.

This what I have had to put into place.

Look into how much you eat through the day & night, you must be honest with yourself  i:e are you snacking when you are not that hungry; try having a glass of water or juice first, always have a breakfast (not a fry up), make your own muesli with oats, raisins, pumpkin seeds, & Satsumas.

Swap sugar for honey in your tea, coffee and on your cereals, before long you wont be putting anything on your cereals. If you want to stop having sugar all together, slowly cut down on the amount of sugar you use so that your body will get used to it, especially in your hot drinks.

Do you feel peckish through the day?

Make a salad place it in a plastic container, place it in the fridge to nibble on, make your own fruit salad, place it in a container and nibble on when needed, nibble on currants, sultanas, dates, figs dried or fresh, any dried fruit is just as good for you as fresh, but make sure you check that there are no added sugar, pumpkin seeds, or seeds you like they much more healthier than biscuits & crisps.

Have a small lunch with a salad or fruit, cut down on crisps have some healthy crackers instead.

Evening meals

When you’re eating only eat as much as you need to, don’t eat until you are feeling stuffed, chew your food much slowly, take time to enjoy what you are eating, your stomach will feel fuller and not bloated. If you’re having a pudding put less food on you main meal so that you are saving room for your pudding.

Try not to have too many fizzy drinks with your meals, try to have a warm drink like lemon & honey tea with ginger or a cup of green tea, herbal tea.

Do you have to drive your children to school? Why set off a little earlier and park 5-10 minutes away and walk them in, each day you do this speed up your walking pace, not only will you benefit from it, but your children will too. If you have a small amount of shopping to do park further away and walk.

Try going for a jog in the morning or skipping (with rope) in your back garden, Every time you need to go upstairs try jogging up (better done when your hands are empty).

Remember; don’t deprive yourself of treats, save them for the weekend, give yourself something to look forward to.


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