Saving Money.

In today’s trying times we are all having to watch how much we spend.

Here are a few tips I have started to put into practice with the help of my partner.

Every week make a list of what you are going to have for meals, from that list you will know exactly what you will need for your shopping. Only buy what you need, no getting those little extra things.

How often do you have leftovers from your meals, don’t throw them away, you can have it for your lunch the next day, if you have any meat left over from your Sunday lunch turn it into a casserole the next evening, or put it into the freezer, it can be kept there for up to three months.


Making your own meals will save you much more in the long run instead of buying ready made meals, i:e pies, cakes, biscuits. If you don’t have time through the week make them on a weekend & place them in the freezer, take them out the night before.

When it comes to freezing fresh food; do you put you food straight into the freezer in their plastic boxes/containers? Yes? Stop! Before you put it into the freezer, put your food into freezer bags, write on in waterproof marker what date it was put into the freezer and place it into the freezer. By doing this you will not only save space in your freezer but it will save you money also, because your freezer works better when food is in smaller packages.

Try buying the shops own brand labels their own tinned, frozen, chilled food is exactly the same as the top name brands, their own labels are just as tasty.

Look into different shops for lower prices.

Plan your trips to save on fuel, you might find that going by public transport is cheaper than using your car.

Look on the internet for price comparisons.

How often do you bleach your kitchen counters? Do you know that you do not need to, there is another money saving way to sterilize you work tops, place some lemon juice, white vinegar and washing up liquid into your washing bowl with hot water (wear washing up gloves to protect you from the heat), rub your surfaces with the mixture, same goes for washing your fridge out, all of the ingredients in the water will sterilize your fridge too without killing off the good bacteria we need.

Want to keep your whites white in your washing? Place lemon juice in with your detergent, it can be from a lemon or from a bottle of lemon juice.

Get your little ones involved with saving money,


explain to them the benefits of turning things off when they are not using them, this also includes water, electricity & gas, you too have to do the same, turn switches off when you have finished using the washing machine, tumble dryer. Try this; if it is sunny and dry hang your washing out, it will dry beautifully, if it is slightly damp then place it in the dryer, by doing this you will cut your drying time down, only fill the kettle with the amount of waster you need to use. You will be amazed at how much you will save, plus this is a good thing to teach your children for the future.

Put your small change into a jar it all adds up in the end, (for an outing to the seaside).


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