Home made burgers.

You will make between 6-8 depending on the size of burger you make.


1 lb minced beef (any minced meat of your choice).

3 tsp honey.

2-3 tbsp liquid seasoning.

1 tsp salt.

1  onion chopped finely (optional).

2 tsp mixed herbs (optional).

1-2 tsp dried garlic.


1. Place meat into a bowl, add honey, liquid seasoning, salt, dried garlic, onions & mixed herbs.

2. Mix all the ingredients together using your fingers and knuckles (using your knuckles helps to break down the meat).

3. Taking a small amount of the mixture form a ball in you hands no bigger than a tennis ball, flatten between your palms also keeping it in a round shape, when you have the right size you want place on a plate ready to cook, you could also place your mixture into a burger shaper/maker.

4. Place the burgers into a hot frying pan, turning down the heat and cook until they are cooked all the way through.

Serve in bread bun with chips, mashed potato or salad.


2 thoughts on “Home made burgers.

    1. A friend gave me the idea instead of using bread or gluten products or egg to bind them together.
      Thanks for dropping by my blog.

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