Tasty Salad.

We had this salad at our friends. It is a lovely accompaniment to a meal or on its own.

Cherry/plum tomatoes; washed chopped into quarters.

Red, orange, green, yellow peppers, washed, seeded, cut into diced cubes.

Celery, washed, topped & tailed, halved sliced.

Cucumber, washed sliced & cut into diced cubes.

2-3 Shallot onions, pealed, washed sliced.

Sea salt.

Black pepper.

3-4 tbsp Olive oil.

5-6 tbsp (more if needed). Lemon juice, (squeezed lemons, bottle).

fresh mint leaves, washed, taken from stems, sliced into small pieces.

Place all the vegetables into a bowel. Add olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper & mint leaves. Stir the vegetables until they are evenly covered. Cover with cling film, place in fridge to keep fresh. Serve on its own or with a meal.



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