Summer Pudding.


150g 6oz blackcurrants.

150g 6oz redcurrants.

150g 6z raspberries.

100g 40z caster sugar.

2 x 15ml spoons water.

5-6 slices bread.

1. Remove all the currants from their stalks, wash all of the fruit and drain in colander.

2. Put all the fruit, sugar and water into a saucepan, bring to the boil, then simmer for about 5 minutes.

3. Cut away the crusts from the bread, cut all but one slice in half.

4. Arrange the slices in a 600ml pudding basin, press the edges down firmly.

5. Spoon the fruit mixture into the basin, keep a little of the juice for serving.

6. Cover with the whole slice of bread, making sure there are no gaps.

7. Place a saucer on top, and then add a weight- this will press everything together.

8. Allow to cool and then place in the fridge overnight.

9. To serve, turn out onto a plate and cut into wedges, pour over the remaining juice.

Frozen or canned fruit can be used if they are out of season. Can use other fruits also. i.e. strawberries, plumbs, or gooseberries.

Not got a weight, use an unopened can or jar, works just as well.


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