Minced beef and pea curry.

1 large onion, washed and diced.

2 tsp frozen garlic.

1-1 1/2 tsp chilli flakes.

4 tsp ground coriander.

2 tsp cumin.

1/4 tsp salt.

tsp ground black pepper.

1 Large tsp turmeric.

500g 1lb 2oz minced beef.

1  420ml tin chopped tomatoes.

1 beef stock cube.

1 tsp garam masala.

2 cups long grain rice, washed in sieve until water runs clear. (1 cup per person).

Handful fresh coriander, leaved taken from stalks, washed and chopped.

chilli powder.

4 oz 100g frozen peas.

1. Heat about 3 tbsp oil in a deep pan over high heat until it is hot, add the mince with little pinch salt and cook till it brown all the way through, place mince into a bowl leaving its juices in the pan. 

2. Add the onions, ground coriander, salt, chilli flakes, black pepper,  pinchsalt and turmeric; turn the heat down cook for 5-10 minutes stir continuously until onions are golden brown.

3. Add the pan and  stir into the onions. 

3. Add the tomatoes stir in turn the heat back to high for 5-7 minutes, crumble in the stock cube stir in, turn the heat down keep stirring. Add the garam masala stir in, add peas & the fresh corriander, cover iwth a lid, stirring occationally.

4. At this point you need to start cooking the rice. Place the washed rice in a medium- large pan add water to cover (place the back of your fingers on top of the rice the water should just cover them, add a pinch of salt, cover with lid (with no hole) place over high heat and bring to boil; have another ring of heat on low ready to transfer pan once it starts to boil vigorously; cook for 10 minutes over low heat.

5. Add chilli powder a very small amount at a time by very gently tapping the tsp, (keep tasting it, you can add more chilli if needed.)

6. Place the rice onto plates spread, place the curry on top.

Serve with wraps/chapatis warmed in microwave,Image


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