Custard Biscuits













This recipe is over 35 years old.

5 oz 150 g SR Flour.

4  oz 130 g custard powder.

5 0z 150 g caster sugar.

3 oz 75 g margarine.

1 tsp egg re-place mix with 2 tbsp water whisked together.

Oven 180c, 350F gas mark 4. Grease or lined baking trays

1. Rub flour, margarine, sugar and custard powder in mixing bowl until resembles breadcrumbs.icing.

.2. Add egg mix and milk  together until it forms into a ball.

3. Roll out on floured surface until 1/2cm thick, cut out with pastry cutter, place on baking tray bake for 8-10 minutes. Leave to cool, place on cooling rack. When cold cove the top with glaze

Little milk to bind together


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