White bread/ bread buns.

There is nothing like the smell of home baked bread floating around the house.

1lb 20z 500g white bread flour.

1/4pt milk.

400ml hand hot water.

1tsp sugar.

2 desert spoons vegetable oil/sunflower oil.

2 packets easy blend yeast.

Oven 180C, 350F Gas mark 4.

1. Warm milk to hand  hot temperature  greased loaf tin, baking tins.

2. Place flour in bowl add yeast and stir in, add oil stir in, add milk stir in, add water little at time until it comes together but is not dry to the touch.

3. Place on floured surface and knead for 5-10 minutes, place in loaf tin.

4. Bread rolls. When finished kneading, take off a piece about size of a tennis ball or smaller, knead for 2 minutes in palm of hand, place on baking tray flatten slightly. Repeat the process. Makes about 12 rolls.

5. Place in warm area, either airing cupboard, in front of fire, until doubled in size.

6. Bake loaf for about 30-45 minutes, bread buns 10-15 minutes, take out of tin/ turn buns upside down and tap bottom. If sounds hollow they are cooked.

For a verity of flavours add cheese to mixture, cinnamon and raisins , garlic, sun dried tomatoes in their oil, many different flavours to choose from.


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