Fish Chowder

This is a beautiful dish for a cold winters night.

1 whole haddock/cod, skinned and boned cut into chunks.

1 1/2 smoked haddock, skinned and boned cut into chunks.

5 medium potatoes (not waxed) peeled, washed cut into cubes.

1 small tin sweetcorn.

1 pt milk.

1/4 pt cream.

1 fish stock cube dissolved in 1/4 pt boiling water.

2 spring onions, peeled washed and sliced.

pinch salt.

Mixed dried herbs.

Palm full Parsley washed chopped up.

1tbsp cornflour mixed in with little of milk.

1. Place potatoes in pan of boiling water with salt, bring to boil, place lid over top, turn heat down and cook till soft, and drain.

2. Place milk in large pan over moderate heat, add both sets of fish, stir occasionally, add sweetcorn, stock cube, herbs, parsley and  potatoes.. Add cream, gently bring to boil and add cornflour little at time until sauce thickens. Serve into bowls with warm bread on the side.

For those who like and can eat shellfish you can add; prawns, muscles.


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