Pork Chow Mein.

4 Pork Loin Chops Fat removed, washed/ dried with kitchen towel thinly sliced.

Desert spoon frozen garlic.

Desert spoon frozen ginger.

1 heaped tsp cornflour.

1 tbsp Hoisin sauce.

Desert spoon wine (red, white or sherry).

4oz 125g chopped broccoli washed.

Desert spoon Sesame oil.

4 spring onions.

5-6 mushrooms washed and dried with kitchen towel.

40z 125g Bean sprouts (optional).

Noodles (straight to wok noodles are great) separated and placed in bowl.

Pork stock cube.

1/4 pt boiling water.

1. Place pork in non metallic bowl, add ginger, garlic, Hoisin sauce, cornflour and wine, mix together using a fork press it into the pork while mixing into mixture, the pressing action breaks the fibres. Place into fridge for half and hour to marinade. (the cornflour protects the meat and stops it from burning).

2. Place the broccoli into boiling water for about a one and half minutes, drain and immediately cool with cold water to stop it cooking any further, drain and dry with kitchen towel.

3. Slice the mushrooms (3 slices per mushroom), place in bowl and add sesame oil and stir until all mushrooms are coated.

4. Chop the end off of spring onions and strip two layers of leaves so there are no brown leaves remaining, chop to the dark green leaves place onto plate, chop the dark green leaves place onto plate.

5. Vegetable oil in wok until very hot, add the Pork marinade stir continuously, clean bowl, once cooked through place back into bowl. Wash wok, dry and re-oil, dissolve stock cube in boiling water.

6. Re-heat wok add broccoli, cook five minutes add mushrooms cook further 5-7 minutes add noodles, cook 2 minutes add white spring onions and pork  and stock stirring continuously, add dark green leaves of spring onion stir for 2 minutes and serve on warm plates.


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